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Legal Expertise in  Technology Law

for legacy, existing, and emerging technology

At Orbital Law, we support corporates and technology companies looking to acquire or develop technology.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Advice on commercial law
  • Technology contracting
  • Technology procurement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Legal and regulatory compliance

If you require legal advice or would like more information about our services, please get in touch with us below.

How we help our clients

IT Services Agreements and SOWs

Client A was undertaking a digital transformation programme involving multiple suppliers across their entire estate. This included moving legacy systems to the cloud, adding new functionality to an existing application, conducting a security audit of all systems and renewing IT services. We conducted a review of all existing contracts, put a new standard template in place for IT services and assisted the client with reviewing and negotiating detailed service descriptions and deliverables for all services. Most important was ensuring that Client A had the necessary legal mechanisms in place to measure contract compliance.

Legal Risk Analysis of new SaaS Platform

Client B was developing a new SaaS Platform using third party components including open source software and custom code. We reviewed all the supplier agreements and produced a legal risk analysis together with a heatmap identifying and rating all areas of legal risk. We advised the client on how these risks could be mitigated. We assisted Client B with re-negotiating supplier agreements where risks were unacceptable and put new supplier agreements in place, where existing contracts were too risky to continue to use the supplier. We also drafted new SaaS terms to ensure that Client B's legal risk was mitigated to an acceptable level.

Recent Blogs

We produce regular blogs on data privacy, cyber security and GDPR compliance and their impact on companies' legal and regulatory obligations. Some of our recent blogs are listed below. 

AI and custom software development

AI in Software Development

Develop custom software on time and with fewer mistakes, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Read our blog Artificial Intelligence - The Key to Custom Software Development on how AI in software development is going to be more commonplace.


Open Source - is it secure?

It is nearly impossible these days to develop software without the use of open source software. Yet do we really know how secure are the open source components we use?

Read our blog How Secure is Your Open Source Code? for an insight in to research recently conducted.

Technology lawyers blog image

Technology Lawyers

It is only right that technology lawyers practice what they preach, which is why Orbital Law was set up with technology use at its core.

Read our blog The Life of Tech Lawyers from the inside out to see how we go about reviewing and implementing the use of technology.

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